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Granny Square Game Rules - Website Version 2023

To Begin

1. Set up 6 balls of yarn labeled 1 through 6 (use same fiber, any colours).

2. In a separate container (basket, bag, etc.) place at least 5 smaller, scrap balls of yarn.

3.  Select a Hook, Scissors and a Yarn Needle.

4.  Choose a Granny Square Pattern (see "How To Make A Granny Sqaure" on the Main Menu).

5.  Granny Squares can be any size you like, but all squares should be made the same number of rows.

How to Play

To Start, choose your Game Timer Speed from the Main Menu.

1.  Use Gwen’s Lucky Dice video to "roll" the dice. (Tap to Play and Tap to Pause). The number it lands on will determine the numbered ball of yarn you use.

2.  Start the Timer - (Tap to Play Timer).

3.  When the Timer goes off, Tap to Pause the video, stop crocheting and Put Your Hooks Down!

4.  IF, the dice lands on Lula's Wheel of Chaos (see coloured wheel image at top right of page). You have activated the wheel! "SPIN" The Wheel! (Tap to Play and Tap to Pause). See Lula's Wheel of Chaos instructions.

Lula’s Wheel of Chaos

When activated (Tap to Play and Tap to Pause), start the Timer, follow the instructions the wheel lands on to continue playing. When the Timer goes off (pause timer) and start over with How To Play game instruction #1 above.

Return To Previous/Unfinished Granny Square –  Players will pull up on their working loop, cut yarn and pick up an unfinished Granny Square (Player’s choice if there is more than one) tie in current colour and continue crocheting. In the event that “Return To Unfinished Granny Square” is selected and there are no unfinished Granny Squares in front of the Player, continue with current square and colour, until the next Dice roll or Wheel activation.

Finish The Row – Players will continue crocheting with their current colour.

Spin Again – If the Wheel lands on Spin Again, “Spin The Wheel” again! (Tap to Play and Tap to Pause).

Start A New Granny Square - Players will pull up on their working loop, cut their yarn and put their current Granny Square aside. Begin a new Granny Square with the current colour.

Blind Bag Scrap Grab – Players will cut their current yarn, reach into their scrap bag without looking and grab a scrap ball of yarn. Tie in this yarn and continue working.

Colour Position Switch Up – The number of each ball of yarn moves one position to the right. Colour #6 becomes Colour #1, Colour #1 becomes Colour #2, Colour #2 becomes Colour #3 and so on. Once Colours are renumbered, continue crocheting with current colour and Granny Square.

General Game Play Information

The number the dice lands on is the yarn ball number Players switch to. Players will snip their current yarn, tie in the new yarn and continue with their Granny Square. Any yarn joining method can be used, but a quick method is recommended (like a simple knot).

If the number the dice lands on is the same colour number as the one currently in use, do NOT cut yarn, continue the Granny Square with the current colour.

When a Granny Square is finished, fasten off, weave in ends and Players can opt to begin a New Granny Square with the current colour OR continue an unfinished Granny Square with the current colour until the timer finishes or Lula’s Wheel of Chaos is activated.


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