Privacy Policy does not collect, store and/or use any of your private information/data.
However, uses third party services for web hosting and uses advertising services from Google that may use your personal data for website analytics information collection and/or to serve you personalized advertising though also uses links to third party internet website services like Etsy, Amazon, Adalo, PayPal and YouTube, but not limited to Etsy, Amazon, Adalo, PayPal and YouTube. These third party services may collect, store and/or use any personal information you provide to them via website links. Personal data collection from third parties may include, but are not limited to, IP addresses, search history, website cookies, internet browser history of websites visited.
You may use the Google-certified CMP form to Agree to (Concent) or Op-Out (Do not concent) of potentially sharing any personal information/data with using, linked websites and/or third party website services.