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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 What size hook should I use for my Granny Squares?

This depends on the size of yarn you are using, how lacy you want your squares to appear, and what is comfortable for your hands.  If you are making a blanket using worsted weight yarn, any size between 5.5 mm and 7.0 mm will be fine.  If you're using chunky yarn, size 7.0 mm and up is best.  It is best to use the same size hook throughout a project unless otherwise directed.

 What is the best yarn to use for my Granny Squares?

If you are making a blanket, consider how it will feel against skin and how often you plan to wash it. Wool shrinks, felts, can be itchy and requires special maintenance.  Cotton washes well, is hard wearing and generally feels nice but can be a little more difficult to work with. Acrylic washes fairly well, is somewhere between wool and cotton for comfort level against your skin (although there can also be "satin versions" of acrylic that are very smooth and soft) and acrylic is easy to work with and relatively inexpensive.

 How many Granny Squares do I need for a blanket?

This depends on how big you want your blanket to be and how big you make each square. You need to make a plan.  When you finish your first square, measure it.  This will tell you how many squares of this size you need in order to make the sized blanket of your choice. Also consider you may want to add a border to your blanket, this will increase your final blanket measurements.

 Should I join my squares as I go or should I make them all first?

If you have a plan in mind, you can join as you go.  Some patterns even require you to join blocks together as you work.  If you are unsure of your overall pattern and design, it is best to make the required number of blocks first, lay them out until you have achieved the look you want and then join them together.

 How many Granny Squares should I use in a Baby Blanket?

If you're making a baby blanket using the Granny Square pattern, you have ample options available!  Just be sure to use a washable, soft yarn (and use the same king yarn all the way through your project!).

1) You can make a single, unending Granny Square in stripes or solids and then just simply fasten off when you feel the square is big enough.

2) You can add rows until your Square measures 6" across, then make 36 of these squares for a square blanket that is 6 squares by 6 squares measuring around 3 feet squared.  Add a border for a nice effect (and stability) and you've just created a baby-sized heirloom!

3) Recently, another member of the Crafty Family posted a gorgeous picture on Facebook of a blanket she made, it was only 6 squares, but each square was really BIG!  This was a full sized afghan, but the same could be done for a baby blanket.  Simply decide on how large you want your blanket to measure when finished, then divide that measurement in half and make a Granny Square until it measures that length across.  Make 5 more and attach them together, add a border and you've created a really funky Baby Blanket!

You can make a baby blanket any size, from car seat to crib, but the perfect, "drag-me-around" size is between 3 feet and 4 feet squared - toddlers will love it :)